How Political Candidates Can Use Post-it® Notes for Campaign Marketing

Posted by Stik2It on 28th Sep 2016

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Many Americans are focused on Clinton vs. Trump in the Presidential election, but there are thousands of other campaigns that are also taking place in October. From statewide races like Governor or U.S. Senate to the School Board, candidates are working hard to convince voters to support them. As part of their campaigns, they purchase many items, including yard signs, palm cards, and t-shirts. One item many may not think of in their campaign, however, is Post-it® notes. As affordable, easily disposable items, campaigns can purchase many Post-it® notes to use in a variety of ways. Here are some creative examples of how to use them:

“Sorry I Missed You” Notes

Post-it® notes are the ideal complement to palm cards because many people are not home throughout the day. As a result, you can create “Sorry I Missed You” notes with a personal note or signature from the campaign. While the palm card may be ignored if it’s just a mass printed item, Post-it® notes allow political candidates to connect personally with voters. Also, many times the person visiting the home will be a campaign volunteer or staff member who is conducting get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts. In these situations, a personally written note from the candidate themselves allows the candidate to literally be in multiple places at once.

Vote Reminders

vote post it notes

Sometimes on the last few days of an underfunded campaign, the campaign will be trying to do a last minute outreach effort to improve voter turnout. For example, if you know that there are 5,000 households who may or may not vote, those votes could make the difference in a small election. A Post-it® note that says “Hi! Just dropped by to remind you to vote today,” could help turnout voters. While these could be done via palm card, it actually may be more effective (and cheaper) to do it by sticking a Post-it® note on a voter’s front door.

Campaign Giveaways

Every campaign is asked for a yard sign or t-shirt by a supporter. Unfortunately, those items can run out quickly and are expensive to replace. When a campaign is attending a community event, Post-it® note packs can be a good giveaway to remind voters to consider your candidate. Also, Post-it® notes are commonly needed by people all the time. Like magnets for real estate agents, Post-it® notes can have an impact for politicians looking for an affordable marketing item.

Team Building

Team Building Post It Notes

Campaign work means long hours and often tension amongst co-workers. Post-it® notes are highly versatile to help in this situation. Whether it be to use them for a brainstorming exercise or just to cheer everyone up with creative office art, this versatility means that they will never go to waste.

Election Day Marketing Materials

Post-it® notes are outstanding for adding onto premade documents. Let’s say your campaign has noticed that on one side of the district an endorsement from one public figure is more impactful than another. Rather than just creating different palm cards for the different areas, Post-it® notes can be more effective. First, they allow you to mass-print the same palm cards, so there is a cost savings associated. Second, putting the “public figure endorsed” message on a Post-it® note draws the voter’s eyes to a fact. Instead of it being muddled with the rest of a palm card, that single fact stands out. Even more beneficial, you now have more space on your palm card to hit home your message.

What do you use for your campaign marketing materials? We have worked with candidates at the local level as well as U.S. Congressmen to help them with their GOTV reminders. Our clients appreciate our personalized service, which is crucial in time-sensitive situations like a political campaign. Check out our variety of Post-it® note options and if you need help, feel free to contact us today