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​Top 10 Best Cubicle Accessories

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Cubicles can be drab environments that are devoid of personality. But considering how many hours you spend in yours each day, a lifeless workspace is not an option; it can burn you out and diminish your productivity.

Instead, you should try sprucing your space up. A few choice cubicle accessories can breathe life into your workspace, and encourage you to be more productive, creative, happier and healthier. Which accessories are must-have items for office cubicles? Here are 10 of our favorite items that encourage organization, creativity and help to create happier workstations:

1.Cubicle Wall Clips

Cubicle wall clips are a simple accessory that easily tack into cork board partitions. In effect, they’re hanging binder clips that offer a place to hang up paperwork or photos, and they can be utilized to organize a workspace. For example, you can have a “to-file” clip, a “to-review” clip, or an “important” clip.

2.Personalized Sticky Notes

Custom sticky notes can be a fun and useful tool in every office. One option: Get a few sticky note pads that say “From the Desk of (Your Name).” That way you can create quick memos and distribute them throughout the office. We offer many custom sticky note options that could help you out.

3.Dry Erase Calendar

Every office needs a calendar, but a dry erase calendar is a different approach that offers a few key advantages. First, you’ll be able to customize the calendar each month and add or eliminate to-do items as they come up. Plus, you’ll never have to buy another calendar.

4.Massaging Foot Rest

You probably spend a lot of time on your feet in shoes you’d rather not be wearing. A massaging footrest fits discretely under your desk, and it offers a great chance to relax your tired feet. Plus, footrests can also help to promote proper posture, but offering support for your legs and knees.

5.Floating Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs can be messy, leaving rings on your paperwork and desk. Yet, with a floating mug, the bottom of the cup never touches your desk and those unsightly coffee rings will be gone forever.

6.Cubicle Wall Garden

Research has shown that plants can promote productivity and improve morale in the workplace. A handy garden that attaches the walls of your cubicle is one of the best options when you have limited space. They’re easy to care for, always visible, and are a great decoration.

7.Corner Shelves and Organizers

The corners of your cubicle can turn into wasted space, but corner shelves can be the perfect addition. A few options include corner organizers, which include a shelf and drawers underneath. Plain shelving can also be great for storing handy supplies.

8.Digital Photo Frame

Keeping your favorite photos prominently displayed can help to personalize your workspace, and motivate you throughout the day. There are plenty of digital frame options that let you store hundreds of photos that can be found on Amazon .

9.Flexible Monitor Arm

A flexible monitor arm enables you to move your computer monitor in all directions, up, down, left, and right. This is a must-have accessory, helping to mobilize your computer, enhance collaboration, and give you more flexibility in seating position.

10.Bamboo Chair Mat

Bamboo chair mats are great. They make making rolling around in your chair easier, they look sleek, and they’re made of sustainable bamboo. They’re as effective as plastic sheets, but look better.

There you have it. If you want to add a touch of personality to your workspace, you can’t go wrong with these accessories. They’re sure to help you be more creative, productive and happier!

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