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General Questions:

Q: Are your products made in the USA? 

A: Yes, all of them are. 


Q: What sort of guarantee do you offer? 

A: We guarantee of products to be free of defect. If a product isn't great quality, let us know and we will act fast to make it right. 


Q: Will I get to see a proof before you print? 

A: Yes, we always provide a proof that shows exactly how the product will print before we print. 


Q: Do I need to pay for my order before I see a proof? 

A: No, you can just email us at and we will email you a proof. 


Q: How long do your products take to ship? 

A: Please see below on the specific product FAQs. 


Post-it Note FAQs: 

Q: Are these genuine 3M Brand Post-it Notes? 

A: Yes, they all are. 


Q: Where do the Post-it Notes ship from? 

A: They ship from the Mid-west US. 


Q: How much can I print on the Post-it notes? 

A: You can print as much as you want. The only exception to that is that we cannot print all the way to edge of the Low Minimum single color pads. Aside from that, the space is yours. We do recommend keeping the critical elements (phone #s and such) at least 3/16" from the edge of the pad.