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A Return & Cancellation Policy in Four Parts: 

Part I: Stock Item Returns That You Just Don't Want/Need Anymore will accept returns of all unopened stock, non-printed items for 60 days from date of purchase. Just give us a shout, and we'll get the ball rolling on the return. There is no re-stocking fee, but you will have to cover the cost of the return mail to us. When we receive the items back, we'll simply refund your card for the order amount including Ground shipping amount only. Charges for Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air or any expedited shipping method cannot be refunded. 


Part II: Stock Item Returns That You Believe Are Defective

We take this seriously. Let us know if there is ever a quality issue. We'll make an exchange as quickly as we can and arrange for the defective product to be returned to us at our cost. 


Part III: Custom-printed Item Returns

We do everything we can to make sure you are going to be happy with your custom-printed products. We will send you a PDF Proof (mock-up) with every custom-printed product order for your approval before we begin production. We'll send you samples of the stock and whatever other samples we can to make you feel comfortable with your decision to choose us for your project. In the vast majority of cases, people love what they receive from us. But "stuff" does happen from time to time. Sometimes it's our fault, sometimes it's the customer's. When it's our fault (like we used the wrong paper color, for instance), we'll replace the item most expeditiously for free. We do reserve the right to make at least 1 attempt at replacing a mis-filled order. If you, the Customer, make a mistake and approve a proof that has your mom's phone # instead of your business phone, for example, we will not be able to re-print the item at no cost. But we can usually offer you a 10% discount off the re-print, if you choose to have the item re-printed with us. 


Part IV: Canceling Your Order

Stock, non-printed item orders can be canceled, as long as the order has not yet made it to our shipping area. Once it's in the shipping area, it's just too late to catch it and cancel it. See Part I above for returning info.

Custom-printed orders can be canceled up until we start putting your item on the press. Once it's in our press area, we will need to charge for the work completed or for the entire order depending far along we got with it. No custom orders can be canceled once they've been printed.