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Post-it Flags: The Productivity Helper You Never Knew You Needed

Post-it Flags: The Productivity Helper You Never Knew You Needed

Posted by on 5th Oct 2023

More than 60% of people yearn to be more productive.

Are you part of this 60%? If so, we have a productivity hack you need to try.

Most people are familiar with Post-it flags. They're those little colorful tags that students use to mark important places in their textbooks.

But you don't have to be a student to benefit from these tiny study tools. Post-it flags can help you organize files and business documents, refer back to information, bookmark ideas, save time, and create effective to-do lists.

Yes, you heard us. An effective to-do list!

Keep reading to find out how you can leverage sticky flags to supercharge productivity.

For Files

If you run a business, Post-it flags can help you and your employees get organized and save time. Post-it flags are the perfect way to make sure that documents and files are well organized and that nothing slips through the cracks.

For instance, you can use sticky flags to earmark documents that need to be signed, reviewed, or followed up.

You can also use Post-it flags and color coding to create easily visible sections in files.

Once a document goes into a physical file, it's very hard to remember to take action on it. Sticky flags offer a visual cue to remind you (and your workers) when further action is required.

For example, maybe you have a client form that's incomplete. By marking this with a Post-it flag that says "Missing Information," you can help make sure action is taken and the client is requested to supply the additional details.

Get More Out of Your Reading

One of the most popular ways people use Post-it flags is for studying and reading. According to Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience, we only retain about 10% of what we read.

If you want to get more from your reading, Post-it flags are one of the best study tools to leverage. It doesn't matter what type of book you're reading, whether it's a business strategy book, or even a work of fiction that you want to refer back to, Post-it flags allow you to bookmark ideas and key concepts.

All you have to do is keep a pad of Post-it flags handy as you're reading. When you come to a pivotal piece of information you want to come back to, mark the page. You can also annotate the note.

Once you've finished the book, you can go back and revise these sections. This can greatly enhance information retention.

Bookmark Ideas and Important Information

Even if you don't have a regular reading routine, you can still use Post-it flags to bookmark ideas you come across. Maybe you saw a design concept in a magazine that you want to share with your team. Instead of flipping pages until irritation sets in, you'll be able to lay your hand on the right page in seconds.

Or maybe you have a user manual in your business that you need to frequently refer to? This is another perfect opportunity to use sticky flags for easy and quick information access.

Supercharge Your Diary

Books aren't the only places you can use sticky flags. They can also come in handy if you keep a diary.

Whether your diary is a thought dump or a tool for organizing your time, Post-it flags can help you keep your ideas and schedule ultra-organized. Had a brain wave? Bookmark the idea.

Have an appointment that requires follow-up action at an unspecified time in the future? Apply a Post-it flag to the diary page so you won't forget.

Alternatively, maybe you have appointments set far in the future, and you want to have an idea of how close they're getting. Instead of having to page through your diary when you want to check the date, stick a Post-it flag on it.

If you use your diary to create to-do lists, you can also use sticky flags to keep certain tasks in easy view. Seeing the colored stickers with the tasks listed on them can help remind you to prioritize these to-dos.

Use Post-it Flags to Create To-Do Lists

Speaking of to-do lists, you can use Post-it flags to create versatile, mobile to-do lists. What do we mean by this?

Instead of relying on a centralized to-do list in a notebook or on your phone, you can write out your tasks on Post-it flags. You can keep these on a page of a dairy, or transfer them to other applicable locations.

For instance, you can stick the Post-it flags that have computer-related tasks by your desk. If you have to remember something while out and about, transfer the Post-it flag to your wallet or car.

According to reports, 41% of to-do list items are never completed. One of the reasons is that once we brain dump our ideas into a to-do list, that's usually where they stay. There's no visual reminder to take action if you forget to refer to your to-do list.

Being able to place to-do list items on colorful Post-it flags, and even position them in physical locations, gives you a visual cue to complete the task.

With Stik2It, You Can Order Custom Printed Sticky Flags

Did you know that you can order customized sticky flags from Stik2It? This is perfect if you run a business and want to create branded Post-it flags for your employees to use. Customized Post-it notes look professional, and they're also great to gift to customers.

Here at Stik2It, you can also order custom Post-it notes and pads of various sizes.

Leverage the Power of Pre-printed Post-it Flags

Post-it flags might be small, but they can have a big impact on the way you run your business and your personal life. They make information easier to find and provide visual reminders to take action.

Thanks to this, people love Post-it flags. If you want to increase organization in your business and make people associate your brand with productivity and efficiency, consider adding your logo to a batch of sticky flags.

Leverage the power of enhanced organization by branding your own range of Post-it products with Stik2It.