How to Use Custom Printed Post-It Notes as Business Card Alternatives

How to Use Custom Printed Post-It Notes as Business Card Alternatives

Posted by on 26th Jun 2019

How to Use Custom Printed Post-It Notes as Business Card Alternatives

Want to stick in your customers' memories, literally? Try custom printed post-it notes as your business card alternatives. Here is how to do it.

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Networking and climbing the corporate ladder can be hard work. However, you have to work hard to get good results.

As the saying goes, there is no elevator to success. This means that we’re stuck using the same old networking tips and tricks to move up. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make the trip quicker.

Getting a lift can mean anything from buttering superiors up to making a strong first impression. In the corporate world, or even outside of it, a simple introduction method is through a business card.

Business cards help people remember you by providing a useful summary of who you are and what you do. This means that even after forgetting your details, people have a quick reference they can use to get in touch with you. However, the novelty of business cards can wear off for the receiver.

Below, we take a look at a new, fun business card alternatives that can make you more memorable.

Business Card Alternatives

Introducing yourself to people at the top of the ladder is an essential part of getting opportunities. But sadly, you are not the only one who’s realized this. Everyone is interested in getting friendly with the people at the top of the game.

For the industry leaders, and other people of interest, this can be tedious. After all, it means that they receive mountains of business cards a day. After seeing hundreds of these, they can start to get monotonous.

To counter this monotony, you have to stand out. There are lots of ways to do this aside from the traditional business card approach. Frequent visits, going to the same haunts, and joining their social circle are some of them.

Unfortunately, most of these come off as aggressive and desperate rather than innovative. You may end up alienating your target even more than before. One simple way to keep it innovative and to maintain a professional distance is using a unique business card.

Making a memorable business card will create a fixed memory in a person's life that they will associate with you. This way, not only will they remember you, but they will remember you positively. The main thing to remember when considering this is that the material should be unique, and basic design principles should still be kept.

A straightforward way to maintain these principles while making your card unique is using a post-it. By using post-its, you will make your material unusual while keeping it legible. Post-its are functionally similar to traditional business cards in form and function.

So, putting written information on them will be easy. The same can’t be said for other custom business cards, like balloons.

Why Post-Its?

Ok, so maybe balloons aren’t the best option. But there are so many other unique materials we can use. Why are post-its the best one?


Well, the first reason is functionality. Post-its stick to any work or home surface.

Thus, wherever the receiver puts it, it will be in a place away from other paper materials. Most likely, it will be on a wall or vertical surface. This means that your business card is more likely to be constantly in their line of sight.

This helps them keep you in mind when opportunities come their way.

Another function is that post-its can be used as writing materials. If you gift someone a whole pad of post-its, they can use it as writing material. This continually exposes them to you or your business' name.

This is a simple but effective strategy. Hotels and offices use it by adding headers and watermarks to their writing material.


Another reason is visibility. Because post-its are designed to be stuck onto walls, monitors, and other vertical surfaces, they're easier to find than forgotten cards. This also makes it easy to move around when in use without losing them.

Being able to stick them to the edge of a monitor also allows the user to quickly reference them without moving to pick a card up.


Lastly, post-its are inherently cute, which benefits you. Scientists have proven that cute things make people more compassionate and giving. They also leave people with an overall positive impression.

You can use this to your advantage by making your card a post-it.

How Do I Make Post-It Note Business Cards?

Fortunately for you, there is an easy way to make post-it notes your new business card format. Custom printed post-it notes can now be designed and ordered in a few minutes online.

Custom printed post-its are sticky notes that you can have printed with a design of your choice, in a paper of your choice. This means that if you prefer a heavy, high-quality business card, this is still achievable with a post-it. If, on the other hand, you prefer a light, easy paper texture, you can easily get it.

The fun thing about the process of making custom business post-it notes is that there are so many options. Along with choosing the quality of the paper, you can also select colors. This varies from the background color of the post-it to the font, image, or watermark that you want in the design.

You also get to choose the shape. Because post-its usually come in many forms, you can use this feature for your cards. Own a real-estate business? Why not use this funhouse template for your card?

And don’t worry if you’re stumped by what kind of art – if any – that you should use on your card. Custom post-it sites like Stik2it provide experienced artists who you can consult for any help that you need.


Business card design principles mean that people should always be able to read the contents. Also, it should be easy to keep around the office, and it should be a quick reference for your contacts.

All in all, business card alternatives are an excellent way to boost your career by making yourself memorable.

Post-it notes are not only a fun business card alternatives but also a natural material. This means that they will not confuse or inconvenience receivers. As a nice little bonus, they're affordable too.

Check out this custom post-it page today for more information.