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How Domed or Dome Labels Can Help You Stand Out From the Competition

How Domed or Dome Labels Can Help You Stand Out From the Competition

Posted by on 29th Sep 2023

With many small businesses spending up to 10% of their income on marketing, it is important to get the highest bang for your buck possible. As such, you want to ensure however you promote yourself, it is both unique and memorable. So, what options do you have to ensure you will become noticed by anyone who sees your marketing collateral?

This article will discuss how one example of such promotional item, dome labels, can help. By the end of the article, you will understand how they can literally raise your promotion above that of your competition.

What Are Dome Labels?

Domed labels, or 3D labels, are an eye-catching method to bring more eyes to your products or marketing collateral. These printed, pressure-sensitive labels and stickers protrude from where you place them. This gives them more of a physicality than most other stickers and makes them appealing to not only look at but touch too.

They are usually made from a thick polyurethane resin a manufacturer pours over standard printed graphics. This creates a dome over the original image, giving it a glossy and jewel-like quality. This can often make the label appear much more appealing by giving it an appearance like glass, especially when light shines on its surface.

Benefits of Using Dome Labels

These stickers set up several potential advantages you will not get with standard labels. By leveraging these, you can appeal even more to your customers or clients.

Improving Your Brand Image

Due to their glossy nature, these custom labels can look very professional. New domed labels even appear like glass or gems, making you seem more competent and high-class through the sticker alone. This will ensure customers feel confident choosing you as the company they wish to work with.

Very Durable Labels

These labels are very resistant to many different forms of harm. Not only does the covering protect them from water, but UV rays, extreme temperatures, and physical harm, too.

Memorable Feeling

The raised section of a domed label offers a unique tactile feeling when people touch it. It is not uncommon for people to continue to interact with the label absentmindedly. Thus, your promotional material could be in people's hands for a long time.

People will then also associate your company with that good feeling they got from interacting with the label and the smooth exterior. Over time, they may associate both you and the sticker with such positive emotions.

Perception of Value

Not only do domed labels appear of higher quality, but they are often aligned with feelings of value. Due to their tactile design, physicality, and reflectivity, people may believe items with domed labels to be worth more.

It can also differentiate you from your competitors. If you have domed labels and they use classic flat images, you will appear as though you are going the extra mile to make an impact.

Unique Label Ideas

These customized labels offer you more options when promoting your brand. The following are a few ways you can use them to outshine your competition.

Custom Shapes for Labels and Branding

You can use dome labels in specific places on your product packaging to highlight your USP or boost how it looks in general. An alternative is that if you have a deal for a specific product, such as "20% off", you can use the label over this area to highlight it. This gives the deal or the USP itself a much more appealing visual, making it seem more important.

Another place you could use these labels is when promoting your brand's story. In an otherwise flat "timeline," you can use domed labels to highlight specific information or events showing your unique nature.

Promotional Items

It need not only be on your products' packaging that you use these domes. You can also apply them to specific promotional items you use when discussing your benefits.

Anywhere you communicate with the public, you may pass out small items such as keychains, USB drives, or stickers. Using dome labels on each of these means people will remember the items and ensures they continue to associate your brand with quality.

Consider using them alongside other well-received promotional items people are likely to use. This way, your brand will get into the sightline of your customers with a much higher frequency.

Considerations When Designing Dome Labels

When designing for your marketing, you want to ensure you take into account the nature of these special labels. If you do not, you may need to redo the promotional material.

3D Graphic Design Compatability

Discuss the images you wish to use with both your internal graphics artists and talk with the label-makers at your producer. They may be able to advise you on whether your graphics will suit the physical nature of a dome label. If your art suits the format, it may be that you want to enhance the 3D effect, and a graphics artist might be able to offer suggestions to make this happen.

Production Lead Time

If you have a time-sensitive campaign, remember that the creation and shipment of items may fall outside your timeline. This is even more true when you want to create promotional material that is more complex than simple paper sheets. As such, talk to your label producer to discover their availability and if they can offer you a solution.

Due to this lead time, you may want to order more in one go. This will ensure you have an inventory you can use at short notice should the need arise.

Find Someone to Make the Dome Labels You Need

This article highlights some of the benefits of dome labels and why you might want to consider them for your next marketing push. Still, if you want to get some for your own use, you will need to know where to find them. So, why not contact Stik2it to help you get the prints you need?

We are ready to work with you to provide a full set of domed labels featuring any graphics you might need. So, go to our website now and order a set ready for your next marketing push today.