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How Custom Printed Stickers Make Your Brand More Recognizable

How Custom Printed Stickers Make Your Brand More Recognizable

Posted by on 7th Apr 2020

You've done your marketing research and you know that the first step in the marketing funnel is creating brand awareness.

Maybe you've deployed several online strategies for converting strangers into people who know that your company exists. If you're focused on online marketing, you might be missing an awesome opportunity for increasing brand awareness.

Using well-designed promo stickers can be a powerful tool for making your brand more recognizable.

People Love Stickers

It's true.

Something fascinating happens when a person receives a sticker as opposed to another type of promotional material. Brochures, flyers, or business cards are more likely to feel like a pushy sales pitch. With stickers, on the other hand, customers think, "where can I stick this?"

Interestingly, people see stickers as more of a gift than as advertising. People are increasingly skeptical of feeling "sold to." Having the ability to advertise to them without them feeling put off is an awesome benefit of company stickers.

Stickers also have a higher perceived value than other promotional materials. This instantly makes your company seem cool, giving, and legit in the minds of the recipients.

You know that the goal of your marketing efforts is to create brand advocates and promoters.

Giving out stickers has the power to turn people into brand advocates more quickly than other marketing tactics.

Stickers can be given out as a part of a promotional campaign or along with products. This is because a well-designed sticker will likely find it's way onto peoples' laptops, coffee mugs, and cell phones. They're silently advocating for your brand in a subtle and powerful way.

People want to let the world know what they're into.

That's why they buy t-shirts with their favorite brands or bands on them. Stickers can be funny, make a social or political statement, or just display your high-quality logo design. People will jump on the opportunity to place your sticker somewhere others can see.

Stickers Help Your Brand Stand out in the Crowd

The online marketplace is an increasingly crowded space. While you obviously can't forgo online marketing completely, it's worth understanding that people are beginning to develop ad blindness online. The online space is simply oversaturated.

It's difficult to stand out online, and creating awesome stickers is a great way to make an impression in the now less crowded offline space (i.e. IRL.)

The world is moving more and more into the digital realm. Actually, though, that means that people appreciate real-life, physical objects more.

Online advertisement might go in one eye and out the other (so to speak.) Seeing your brand's sticker in a shop window, on the other hand, can really stick in a potential customer's mind.

Remember that promo stickers are essentially a means of generating word-of-mouth advertising. This is incredibly powerful even in our digital age. The brilliance of stickers is that they can help your brand stand out, through "word-of-mouth," without a word ever actually being spoken.

Stickers Are an Inexpensive Way to Brand Products and Packaging

You can use branding stickers or business logo stickers on your packaging, products, signs, and/or service equipment. This gives you the benefits of specialty packaging and products without paying an arm and leg for it.

It can be tempting to cut costs by using plain packaging in your business, but if you do so you're leaving an advertising opportunity blank.

Not taking the opportunities you have for marketing is exactly how your company will be seen as generic and unrecognizable. The last thing you want is for someone to purchase your product but not even know the name of your company.

Most small businesses don't have the advertising and packaging budgets of giant corporations. Using stickers on your products and packaging is an awesome and effective middle ground.

Another thing you might want to consider is combining promo stickers with custom packing tape. This maximizes the opportunity for creating brand awareness.

Stickers Can Enhance the Success of Other Marketing Efforts

Stickers aren't just a standalone marketing strategy. Combining company stickers with other strategies can make your marketing efforts more effective.

Are you working on building your email list? Offering a free sticker in exchange for emails is an incredibly effective tactic.

Trying to promote a new product or promotional deal? Use the back of the sticker to convey this information to the recipient. The fact that people see stickers as high-value gifts rather than irritating ads is something that's worth capitalizing on.

Another great thing about marketing stickers is that they can generate excellent PR.

There are some famous cases of companies getting creative with their advertising stickers. This led to a lot of free advertisement through articles and word of mouth.

Companies like Pedigree, Reddit, and Folgers have run memorable sticker campaigns. These ad campaigns demonstrated how powerful sticker advertising can be.

Promo Stickers: A Sure-Fire Way to Make Your Brand More Recognizable

Don't let your focus on the online market distract you from the very real advertising space of physical reality. It is increasingly common for people to identify with brands and use brand personality as a way of defining their own personalities.

You can give your stickers away for free, send them out in exchange for email addresses, or sell them for a profit. Stickers are an awesome way to make your brand more recognizable.

Is it time for your company to have it's own promo stickers? Check out our custom dome labels and start designing your advertising stickers today.