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Branding Your Business with a Custom Phone Wallet

Branding Your Business with a Custom Phone Wallet

Posted by on 21st Oct 2019

Custom Phone Wallet: The Perfect Promo Product

Whether you're branding a business or looking for a promotional product to increase recognition, discover the benefits of a custom phone wallet.

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If you’re in doubt over giving promotional items in 2019, let us erase that thought for you. Marketing products still work; consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive reaction to a promotional product than to internet ads.

So if you want positive brand recognition, brand recall, brand loyalty, and all the good stuff, marketing products have a solid spot in your marketing strategy.

Out of all the products available, though, what makes a custom phone wallet stand out? Is it a better idea than the usual items, like a t-shirt, pen, and so on? Read on to know its benefits and then decide for yourself.

1. Useful

The most effective type of promotional items is one that customers can use daily. With that logic, what better item than an accessory for a daily necessity – their cellphones?

A cellphone wallet is useful because it allows users to store their cards, IDs, or anything else that fits. They can, for instance, store a house key into one of its pockets. That way, they won’t lose it and they won’t fumble around looking for it.

It’s easy to pay with it, too. Users are almost always carrying their phones with their hands. They won’t need to reach into their pocket or bag to get their card.

Some wallet cases have an extra feature to make them even more useful. Some can come with a folding stand so you can make your phone stand on a surface. It retracts into the case when not in use, so it remains flat for easier handling.

Some wallets also double as protection. Instead of the typical wallet that only adheres to the back of your phone, some models come with a full case. It looks like your usual case, but it has pockets.

Other cellphone wallets are a bit too literal. They can come as a wallet for a cellphone, which comes with pockets for cards, too. It looks more like an ordinary wallet than a cellphone case.

2. Customizable

Whichever type of cellphone wallet you choose, you can customize it with your branding. The typical wallet has limited space because it’s supposed to only hold your cards. Still, that’s enough space for your logo.

If you go for a full custom phone case or a literal wallet, you have even more space for branding - but don’t go too crazy. More graphics and text might cost you more. Not only that, but it may also reduce the looks of the phone wallet.

An item that’s branded all over isn’t preferred most of the time (unless it’s of a luxury brand). You can make do with a simple logo and the color of your brand.

Yes, you can also choose the color (and the material, too). It can come in plastic, silicone, leather, and other materials.

The color is a choice you must be careful with. You can choose one that represents your brand or you may choose one that you’re sure your customers will like. A simple black color, for instance, customers can pair with their phone or existing case, whatever color it has.

You’re not always limited to one color, though. If you’re buying in bulk, you may be able to choose multiple colors. That way, your customers can choose for themselves.

3. Stylish

Cellphone wallets are not only useful, but they can be stylish, too. They come in many colors, and depending on the material, they can enhance the look of a phone.

Leather wallets, for instance, add sophistication to the device. Even a custom silicone phone wallet can look good because it can come in fun colors.

Choose the right style and colors and your customers will be sure to use it.

4. Brand Recognition

Because a custom phone wallet is something they’re bound to use every day, it leads to a boost in brand recognition. They see your brand every day, reinforcing the marketing message you want to convey.

They’ll also look at your brand with more positivity. From the standpoint of a customer, won’t you regard the brand as helpful if you received a useful item? This explains why promotional products create a favorable impression 53% of the time.

If they happen to need your product or service, you’ll likely be the first company to pop up in their minds. They’ll tend to give something back in return for the useful item you have them.

Furthermore, there’s a high chance for other people to see your branding whenever a customer uses their cellphone wallet. This also keeps you in the mind of others, so you’re getting help from your customers, too.

They’ll regard your brand as something their friend, relative, or acquaintance trusts, making them more likely to trust you, as well. In a way, your customers will turn into brand ambassadors when they keep using your promotional item.

5. Customer Retention

Useful promotional items are the best way to say thank you to your existing customers. That makes it great for retaining customers, too, on top of bringing in new ones.

A useful item will keep them interested. But more importantly, it will make them feel valued. Receiving something for free is the best way to feel good, after all.

Moreover, did you know it’s much cheaper to keep one rather than attract a new customer? This leads us to the next point.

6. Good ROI

For quite a useful and stylish item, cellphone wallets are pretty cheap. Whichever material you choose, you can find one for under a dollar each. Those with higher-quality materials might go above a dollar, though.

Either way, it’s perfect for when you’re planning to show your appreciation to thousands of customers. What’s a dollar compared to the amount of boost in brand recognition and loyalty you’ll get?

One unit has the potential to reach hundreds of other people. Because it’s tangible, it may even be more effective than other forms of advertising, such as television and radio.

Get a Custom Phone Wallet Now

The reasons above are pretty compelling, aren’t they? So why wait when you can get your custom phone wallet now?

If you're looking for the best options in the market, feel free to contact us today. We're here to provide you with the best custom labels to boost your brand and marketing efforts!