7 Very Cool Ways to Use Domed Labels

7 Very Cool Ways to Use Domed Labels

Posted by Stik2it.com on 30th Sep 2019

Have you seen a domed sticker? They're cool-looking and fun to touch! And they stick to almost anything. Here are some creative ways to use them.

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Are you searching for small but effective ways to promote your brand? Are you looking to add a little twist to entice more customers?

Then perhaps domed labels are what you need.

These labels, though small in size, pack a strong punch when it comes to creating brand awareness. With their versatility and durability, domed stickers present numerous forms of applications.

In packaging, for example, you can add these labels to add to the former’s appeal. Since branding is one of the key elements of successful packaging, sticking a domed label will go a long way.

But how versatile are these domed stickers? Continue reading below as we look at some of the coolest ways to use them.

Domed Labels

As we mentioned earlier, domed labels offer durability and versatility. This is because of the materials manufacturers use to create them. These labels feature a urethane coating that provides top-notch protection.

The urethane keeps the labels from scratches, discoloration, and fading. Moreover, it adds protection against impact, chemicals, and UV rays.

On the versatility aspect, domed labels are easily customizable. They provide a 3D look that is eye-catching at the very least. The labels come with that glossy appeal.

This makes them stand out among other labels.

As for its different uses, here are seven of them below:

1. Tap Some Beer

Because of the durability of these stickers, you don’t need to worry whenever they get in contact with moisture. Thus, you can use domed stickers as beer labels.

Beer companies use these labels to promote their branding and products. Usually, they fashion the labels in the form of a badge. They stick the badge on the beer tap for everyone to see.

The labels come with ultra-strong self-adhesive. This helps ensure that the labels don’t fall off even if they go in contact with the beer. Like a double-edged sword, it keeps your brand out there while guiding drinkers as to the kind of beer they are filling their mugs with.

2. The Luxurious Treat

If you are selling food like cakes and desserts, spice up the packaging by placing domed labels of your logo. The shiny look of the labels adds a luxurious effect on the food’s packaging.

Today, you can see bakeries and pastry shops using domed stickers for food labeling. If you compare the boxes of their treats to others, theirs stand out because of the domed stickers.

The labels enhance the overall appeal of the packaging. Through branded packaging, consumers can easily differentiate your products from the competition.

3. Clothing Design

Are you a clothing manufacturer? Do you run a clothing store? You can further pique the interest of prospective buyers through domed labels.

Simply stick the labels strategically to all of your hangers in the clothing shop. Whenever customers look at clothes to try on, the first thing they will want to touch aside from the clothing is the domed decal.

This tactile appeal of the labels works as a marketing element for your products. When customers touch and feel the labels, they create a sense of connection to your brand.

Furthermore, touching the labels will give customers that feeling of getting more value from the garment.

4. Automotive Use

You don’t need to be a big dealership to enjoy the benefits of domed labels. If you are into the buying and selling of motorcycles and scooters, don’t hesitate to stick domed labels on them. What you want are labels carrying the respective brands of motorcycles.

The labels will help increase the overall appeal of your items. They will also make the motorcycles more recognizable for prospective buyers.

If you are selling car parts like, you can also try incorporating these labels. Stick those labels on wheel caps and tyre valves. The labels will serve as elegant badges that will make those items stand out.

In case you are a dealer of boats and jet skis, domed labels will also give you dividends. These labels work perfectly as marine signage. Because of their resistance to outdoor elements, exposure from water and sunlight will never be a problem.

You can use these labels to script the boats’ names.

5. Branding Giveaways

If you come from the corporate industry and are thinking of giveaway ideas, custom domed stickers and tags are great options. The labels can carry your company’s name. They can also bear short messages of inspiration.

They can also work when you are promoting a new product. As part of your promotional giveaways, the labels will remind consumers of your brand. When they stick the labels on their vehicles and other items, you are enjoying advertising at no cost.

6. Name Badges

Are you planning to recreate the way your employees look? Replace their name tags with domed label badges. The shiny dome that encloses their names brings a more professional vibe.

Since the labels are customizable, you can design them in different lengths and sizes. You will have enough room to accommodate other details aside from the names.

Additionally, they can wear the badges outside without worrying about any scratches.

7. Cool Musical Instruments

Last but not least, you can stick these labels on practically all kinds of items including your musical instruments. If you play in a band, customize a domed sticker with your band’s name in it.

Apply the label to your electric guitar for everyone to see on stage. With its ultra-strong adhesive, you can jump and slam all over the stage without worrying if the label will fall off.

Get Your Domed Labels Today!

With the domed labels’ versatility, the uses are too many to mention. If you are willing to give them a try, you need to make sure of the quality and craftsmanship.

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