​7 Awesome Trade Show Giveaways for 2016

Posted by Stik2It on 29th Feb 2016

Tradeshow promotional SWAG – “stuff we all get” – is a useful tool for shaping first impressions of your brand. Yet, not all promotional items are effective. Items that are cheap or useless … read more

Corporate Gifts that Make Sense and Those That Don’t

Posted by Stik2It on 20th Feb 2016

A thoughtful corporate gift can go a long way in building a solid client relationship, but not all gifts are created equal. If you didn’t put much thought into selecting the right gift for the right c … read more

How to Use Sticky Notes for Project Brainstorming

Posted by Stik2It on 8th Dec 2015

Sticky notes are the perfect tool for collaboration and brainstorming. They’re simple. They require ideas to be concise. They’re repositionable, easy to organize. and extremely cost-effective. P … read more
5 of the Coolest Pieces of Post-It® Note Artwork

5 of the Coolest Pieces of Post-It® Note Artwork

Posted by Stik2It on 8th Oct 2015

For most of us, Post-It® Notes are a handy office supply item and a necessity for every desk. We use those little neon squares for quick interoffice notes, writing our daily to-do lists, and … read more
7 Business Card Design Ideas

7 Business Card Design Ideas

Posted by Stik2It on 14th May 2015

Business card designs have come a long way from the standard plain black lettering on bright white paper stock. Today, professionals are getting more and more creative and producing business c … read more